7 Things You Didn’t Know About Eunuchs

Pastor, they are sitting in your pews every week. They are men and women in your church who have remained single. Some have done so out of the consecration to the Lord. Others, however, were born without an attraction to the opposite sex. Their singleness is the result of accepting that God-given uniqueness. These are the eunuchs who were born to be such. They are amazing and unique individuals. A pastor would do well to understand their potential and to put that potential to effective use in the church. Let’s look at the uniqueness of these eunuchs.

  1. They can be trusted. The very nature of being a eunuch is trust. Eunuchs were given enormous amounts of authority and trust by their masters. That is why single individuals are some of the most trustworthy workers within churches. You can depend on them. They love to please and will always do their best to accomplish the responsibility given to them.
  1. They are typically very gifted individuals. Some of the most gifted people in your church are people who were born without a desire for the opposite sex. They are usually musical, artistic or creative. In Born That Way Ministries we have seen this proven over and over again. Some of the most gifted people in many churches where we have ministered are those who were born eunuchs.
  1. They have fewer distractions. A eunuch does not have a dating life or a family that needs their care or attention. Eunuchs typically are far less distracted in their ministry than others. They can commit more of their time and attention to the work and ministry given to them without interference.
  1. They have a deep and sincere love for people. Some of the sweetest and kindest people are those who were born eunuchs. Typically they love working with other people and can be trusted to care for them. They are usually excellent working with children. They have a patience that is unique and they also have a unique discernment of people’s needs.
  1. They love to serve. You will find very few groups of people in your church who love to serve more than those who were born eunuchs. They find their happiness in serving others. They are willing to sacrifice and give more of themselves to be a blessing and help to others. Service ministries are their strength.
  1. They are loyal. Those who are born eunuchs typically are the most loyal people you will have in your church. They will be there when you need them. They will go the extra mile. They will stick by you through the most difficult times. They will often “marry” their ministry in ways others will not and can not.
  1. They are passionate. Whenever you encounter one of these unique individuals, you will almost immediately become aware of the passion with which they live life. They are prone towards being perfectionist and they love to exceed the expectations people place on them. In other words, they go the extra mile in all they do. Eunuchs are typically some of the most passionate in the area of ministry which they are called to serve in.

Ironically, the vast majority of pastors have driven these unique individuals away from the very place they sought refuge and hope. Some of those we have driven away have even become leaders in movements that rise up against the church.

How did this happen? It’s simple…in an attempt to rightly denounce the sin of unnatural affection, we have neglected those very people who could be susceptible to this sin—those without a natural attraction to the opposite sex.

How strong would our churches be today if God’s shepherds would have educated young people that some would have a unique calling and purpose in life, taught Christians to understand, accept and love those for whom God had that unique purpose, and purposefully sought out and mentored those who had no natural desires for the opposite sex?

Could it be that the only hope left for America in changing the spiraling moral downfall is by sharing the truth of the uniqueness of the eunuch?  It is estimated that as many as one in twenty-five people in this country do not have a natural attraction to the opposite sex. Our mission at Born That Way Ministries is to reach as many as possible and help them understand that God has a special purpose for their life with a very special promise.

Pastor, you have people in your church who are very capable of serving in a exceptional ways, but often they are overlooked and underused. Let me challenge you to seek out these individuals and find the best place for them to serve. Allow them to exercise the gifts God has given to them and develop them to their fullest potential.


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