Dear Follower of Steven Anderson:

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I have no intention to spend my time fighting with those who follow Steven Anderson and viciously attack me and our ministry. Trust me: I have far better things to do. However, I wanted to send you a message to express what is in my heart. The past couple of weeks have been quite amazing. Between the constant barrage of hate and anger, I have been called upon to help more hurting and confused people than ever. It has been a busy and challenging time, but I praise the Lord for opportunity to serve Him.

The first thing I want to say to the followers of Stephen Anderson is this: I love and admire you in many ways. I believe many of you were seeking for something when you found Mr. Anderson. Some of you were abused and/or molested in your past. Some of you were guilty of terrible sins, had hit bottom, and were seeking for a cause. Mr. Anderson’s zeal appealed to you, so you fell victim to his charisma and rhetoric. I actually admire your zeal and your willingness to fight for what you believe in. You remind me of the apostle Peter who cut the ear off of the priest’s servant. You mean well, but you are misguided.

However, you are in for a great disappointment and I fear you will fall away when that disappointment comes. Let me tell you some of the things I fear for you.

I fear for you because of the hate that is in your heart. Although I admire your zeal, much of it is based upon anger which has turned into hatred. I am not really the person you hate, or towards whom you are angry. I think you are releasing it on me, but someone or something else caused it. Something in your past has made you a very angry and bitter person and you are acting out your anger towards us. I understand and accept that, but there will come a time when it will burn out and you will be left empty. I plead with you to turn your hatred into a love for Christ, and when you do, it will change your spirit entirely. I have watched people like you crash and burn before, and it is not a pretty sight to see.

I fear for you because you are growing in the half-truths of Steven Anderson without truly understanding what the Bible teaches. He has become a sort of “Pope” to you. When he speaks, you believe—with or without the facts to back it up. Sadly, much of his teaching is based upon a faulty interpretation of the Scriptures. He uses the Bible to further his agenda rather than rightly dividing the Word of God. You believe he is doing so because, at this point, you believe in him and you don’t know any better. If you ever sat under a pastor who rightly divided the Word of God, you would quickly learn how much error is in Mr. Anderson’s teaching. The word of Steven Anderson is no substitute for the true Word of God, my friend. Steven Anderson manipulates the Word of God for his own purpose.

I fear for you when the truth about Steven Anderson is exposed. He is hiding from something in his past. Steven Anderson has some deep, dark secrets. It is not my place nor my desire to expose him, but eventually someone is going to. When they do, I fear that you are going to be shattered. What will you do when you find out he is not what you thought he was? What will you do when you find out the truth about him? The day is coming when his house of cards is going to fall and the truth will be known about him. I don’t want you to lose your faith in Christ simply because you lose your faith in Steven Anderson.

Finally I fear for you because some of you desperately need to deal with a sin or something that happened to you in your past. Right now you are paralyzed to do so. Following Steven Anderson has made you more zealous, but it has not solved the issue. Were you molested? Were you abused? Are you confused sexually? Did you participate in same sex activities in your past? I know some of you have. I fear that rather than finding freedom, you are covering the past with your hatred and anger. You need help, my friend. 

I will make you two promises: First, I promise to help you. Second, I promise to keep your past secret. I have seen what Steven Anderson does to people when he discovers their past. He will do the same thing to you if he ever discovers yours. Don’t wait to find help. If not me, find someone who will love you right where you are, no matter what has happened in your past, and someone who will help you move forward in a positive way for Christ.

It is time for me to continue ministering to those who need my help. I will put a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other as did those who were rebuilding the wall in the days of Nehemiah. I will not attack my enemies, but I will defend my ministry and those I love. My main task is to help those who need me to lead them to victory in Christ. I wish you God’s blessings. I am not your enemy, even if you are mine. I do not hate you, even if you hate me. I do not condemn you, even if you condemn me. I wish only the best for each and every one of you.

In Christ,
Johnny Nixon

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