I’m Going Back to Work

Since the recent attacks on our ministry began, we have received record numbers of requests for help from our ministry. The exposure that our enemies hoped would bring our demise has actually brought about good—God always wins. There was a time when I thought the loony left would be the ones who would viciously attack us, but instead it is the loony right who has done so. Nevertheless, God is using their lunacy to expose our ministry to those who need us.

That being said, it is time for me to focus my attention on those who need my help. The people who have attacked us will not change, and they have become a distraction. I now have others who are helping to weed out these haters. The haters have proven the evil of their hearts by the vitriol they have used against us and other good men of God. They have damned us to hell, told us to die, threatened violence, and—well, there’s not much they haven’t done. So, I am declaring that I will not waste more time on people who cannot reason.

Here are a few things that I want to let my friends know:

1. From this point on, vitriolic posts against anyone will be deleted and the person posting will be blocked and reported.

2. I will no longer respond to their accusations, nor will I answer their questions because they don’t want an answer. Like Satan, they use questions to try and lure me.

3. I am asking my friends to help keep our page safe for those who need us. If you see something I missed, please let me know so it can be deleted. If you see a fake account (that’s what they do after they have been blocked) please let me know.

4. Don’t engage these people into debate. True dialogue is when two intelligent beings discuss something in order to come to some type of conclusion. You will not find much intelligence from these haters, so don’t bother with them.

5. I will not allow anyone to slander another person on our Facebook page or website. Please believe me when I say this.

6. On my personal page, I will allow thoughtful dialogue, but not hateful. That goes for both sides. I asked our friends to refrain from hateful words as well. If someone has a question about our ministry or doesn’t understand something, I will certainly be happy to dialogue with you. The moment I see that you simply want to argue and fight the dialogue ends and you will be blocked.

7. Please post things that are edifying to other believers. There are ministries designed to contend against error through apologetics—that is not our ministry. This ministry is designed to reach a segment of sinners who are being dammed by others. Doctrine is important, but I am not here to fight over doctrine. I am convinced that God has called me to a ministry and it’s time to stop allowing myself to be distracted by the enemy.

I know what I believe. I know that our ministry is of the Lord. I don’t need their approval. Are we perfect? Of course not. Can we get better? Of course we can. Have I learned some things from this that could help our ministry in the future? I have learned several things. Would I do some things differently if I had the chance to do them over? Of course I would. However, that is not a victory for them because they did not set out to make us better. They set out to destroy us. Once Steven Anderson decided to fight us, then we were his enemy, no matter what. He has never desired to be a blessing—that’s not his style. He makes an enemy and then seeks to destroy that person. His track record speaks for itself.

Beginning today, this will be the policy by which we live. Thank you to all of you who have defended me and our ministry. Now help us reach the people who need us. Use your energies to help us get the message to those who need it so desperately.

God bless you and thank you.

Dr. Johnny Nixon 

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