Knowing the Truth Will Set You And Your Loved One Free

Today, an estimated one out of four households is somehow touched by homosexuality. Most Christians want to be a redemptive influence, but many wonder how to show Christ’s love without appearing to condone the behavior.

One of the most difficult moments in the life of a parent is when their child tells them, “I am gay”.  This admission often hits like a bombshell, especially in Christian homes. Parents often begin blaming themselves. Where did we fail? Who influenced our child? How did we miss the red flags? Blaming yourself can inflict greater pain on your child because they understand that you unjustly bear the blame.  The blame and guilt is a trick of Satan to crush your spirit and rob you of the blessings that stare you in the face. Playing the blame game accomplishes nothing.

Parents, your son or daughter has braved all manner of fear and shame to courageously share their feelings with you, and they’ve entrusted you with the deepest parts of themselves because you matter that much to them. They are counting on you to love them well and to shelter them in the most vulnerable moment of their lives; to be the ones they can be safe with if nowhere else on the planet, and to reflect the character of Christ.

It’s now more important than ever before that you understand God’s plan for your child’s life.

Here’s the simple truth: God designs some people not to desire the opposite sex for a purpose. It’s not an excuse for sin; there is no such excuse. It is no accident or fault of yours.

Our churches have far too long set aside this simple truth and our culture has fabricated an answer. Because your child has no desire for the opposite sex, they have been labeled as “gay”. Along with this label came expectations on how they were to live and fit into the unnatural lifestyle.

In the book Born That Way After All, you will most likely for the first time realize that God explains in Scripture why your child feels the way they do and gives a clear answer. You will learn that your child is not broken or ruined beyond hope. Rather, God designed them for a unique purpose with a special promise. But you must understand this truth before you can help them see it. It’s paramount that you learn what God says about the special creation that he gave you as a child….it will change your life and it will change theirs!


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“Born That Way Ministries helped keep our family together when our son thought he was gay.”Clint W.

“My dad gave me this book two days ago. This morning I thanked my dad because it is undoubtedly the single most impactful gift a mortal man has ever given me.”Josh A.

“The truths found in these pages, unfortunately hidden for far too long, liberated our hearts. Our son is not broken!”David K.