Searching? I Found the Answer!

I grew up in a conservative Christian home, but I had a secret. A dark secret.

For as long as I could remember, I had never been attracted to the opposite sex. I thought at first that it might just be a phase that I will grow out of, but time passed and I never outgrew it. I began to fear the implications.

Eventually people began to notice that I was different. People would point out things or ask uncomfortable questions. I tried my best to hide it or explain it away because I felt ashamed. I felt dirty. I felt alone. Why am I like this?

My prayers for God to change me seemed to go unanswered. I searched everywhere for answers and found nothing that made sense. I tried to confide in a few people to help me seek answers, but to no avail. Some friends rejected me altogether while others were at a loss for how to help. I felt desperate and hopeless.

Ultimately, I felt betrayed by God. Why would He allow me to be like this? The shame I felt led me to believe that my best course of action was to end my life quietly. No more shame, no more bullying, and no more heartache; I simply couldn’t take it anymore.

Thankfully, God intervened in that moment and spared my life. He had begun to move in the background, and the answer was on its way. One night my dad handed me a book called Born That Way After All, and told me that I should read it. I stayed up until 2 AM, reading each page eagerly. For the first time in my life, I saw light. I found hope, I found answers.

In that book I discovered a simple truth, but one so profound that it turned my world upside down.

I learned that God did not make a mistake when He designed me; He created me exactly the way I am for a purpose. After years of hurting and searching, I finally had my answer!

I did not have to change who I am, I did not have to reject my faith, nor did I have to twist my faith to make it all fit. I simply had to understand what God was doing when He created me.

If you are like me, you have been searching long and hard for the reason, the cause, or the purpose for why you are different. Or maybe you are confident in who you are, but you’re just curious if God’s Word holds any answers. God’s Word not only holds the answer, but it gives us a promise and a purpose for life beyond what you might imagine.

I encourage you to learn what I found within the pages of Born That Way After All.


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Why You Are Neither A Heterosexual nor A Homosexual

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A Message from Phil Robertson

CEO of Duck Commander

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“I realized for the first time that God had an answer all along for those of us that are born that way—precious vessels to be used by God.”James M.

“I stayed up until 2 AM reading. I almost cried from the excitement I had that God created me the way I am for a purpose!”Joshua A.

“I asked myself how someone whom I had never met could know so much about me! I realized, for the first time in my life, that I was Born That Way.”Marc R.