God Has Created Some for a Unique Purpose with a Special Promise

Many pastors ask what they should do when one of their members says “I’m gay”. Far too often, churches have chosen to be silent rather than providing a Biblical solution. Sometimes churches react in such a way that it drives them further away from godly influence.

This is a critical time in a person’s life and one who is questioning their sexuality often becomes more spiritually sensitive. Their impression of God–personally and communally—may well be determined by how you react to their struggle.

We must never compromise truth, but we should preach the truth in love and deliver it with grace.

Pastors ought to abandon their comfort zones and minister to these people who need to experience the love of Jesus in a powerful and tangible way.

Born That Way After All is filled with a life changing truth for those who are faced with this struggle. It offers biblical wisdom on how to respond when a member comes out as “gay”. Our desire is to equip pastors with solid answers to the questions they ask.

Our desire ought to be to serve and minister to this group of people who seek deep authenticity in love, character, and truth—a group of people whom Christ loves.


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Why You Are Neither A Homosexual nor A Heterosexual.

A message from Dr. S.M. Davis of SolveFamilyProblems.org

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