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Who We Are

Born That Way Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization which ministers to those who are in conflict with their identity and purpose in life.

David J. Nixon
Dr. David J. Nixon,
co-Founder, author
Glenn Hamm
R.G. Hamm,
co-Founder, author
Joshua Agan
Joshua Agan,
Relational Identity Coach

Led by Dr. David (Johnny) Nixon and Glenn Hamm (co-authors of Born That Way After All), the team’s mission is to educate churches and restore those who are in conflict with their identity and purpose. We not only help those who are personally struggling but also provide support and answers to parents, family members, church leaders and Pastors. The entire Born That Way team recognizes that God has called us to proclaim the truth of God’s Word, as only it has the power to destroy voids and tear down strongholds.