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What if there is purpose in Gods design—for everyone, regardless of how they feel? Do you or someone you know have questions about sexuality? I understand that the search for answers can be scary, discouraging, and sometimes overwhelming. Born That Way Ministries can help you. 

Hi, my name is Joshua, and I searched long and hard to find out why I was different. I had no desire to pursue women beyond friendship, and society told me that the only other option was that I must be gay. My search for answers turned up almost empty, and the few answers I found didn’t satisfy.

That is, until my dad told me about Born That Way Ministries. Here, I found the answer not only for why I was different, but also the purpose for my creation. Here you can find answers, too. I encourage you to utilize the tools and resources on our site. From the foundational book full of answers, to the blog posts that will provide additional help, we are here to serve you. If you have a need or a question that we haven’t addressed, please contact us and we will help you directly. 

God created you—He designed you or your loved one for a special purpose, lets discover that purpose—together. 

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